Beveridge & Diamond

China Environmental Practice

Beveridge & Diamond actively engages in environmental law and policy work in and relating to China.  We expect this engagement to intensify in the coming years, in keeping with the rapid evolution and development of environmental policy and regulation underway in China. 

Our China work focuses both on servicing multi-national clients’ environmental needs in China, and on assisting with the environmental needs of Chinese clients doing business in the U.S.  In an increasingly integrated global economy, we anticipate continued interest by multinational corporations in China, as well as growth in Chinese business expansion and investment in the U.S.  These fronts, taken together, suggest an increasing range of trade, business collaboration, and partnership opportunities.

To serve the needs of multi-national clients doing business in China, the firm not only addresses client concerns in China on an as-needed basis, but also facilitates high-level dialogue among Chinese government officials responsible for environmental law and policy, representatives from multi-national companies, and Chinese academia concerning emerging environmental law and policy, as well as challenges in China’s environmental program implementation.  The firm also provides instruction and guidance at various symposia in China for companies and practitioners alike, geared towards transferring knowledge from the U.S. environmental experience to the Chinese setting.  Building on our longstanding model of managing global portfolios of environmental legal and regulatory projects for numerous industry sectors, the firm has forged relationships with carefully chosen Chinese law firms to combine Beveridge & Diamond’s deep environmental law and policy strengths with the localized awareness, sensitivity, and affinity of our local collaborators.  These collaborative relationships strengthen our service to multi-national clients doing business in China. 

In addition, the firm actively engages with Chinese companies looking to do business in the U.S. that need the firm’s deep expertise in environmental and natural resource law, including environmental due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, pollution control and remediation, environmental permitting, climate change, energy resources, sustainability, and international environmental and supply chain management matters.  As Chinese investment in the U.S. increases, so too does our firm’s interface with this important client base.  We approach our Chinese clients with cultural awareness and sensitivity, along with a comprehensive understanding of their environmental challenges and needs in the U.S. setting.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with U.S. companies their China-related plans and perspectives on Chinese environmental issues and concerns that they are confronting.  We are equally interested in exploring with Chinese companies investing in the U.S. environmental issues and challenges they face with respect to such investments.

To learn more, please contact any of the following leaders of our China initiative, or your usual Beveridge & Diamond contact.