Beveridge & Diamond

How to Apply

Whether interviewing with us on-campus or contacting us via mail or email, please provide the following:

1. Cover Letter
Your cover letter is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself than what is on your resume. In other words, we want to hear what you expect from a career in law, why you are interested in our practice, and what draws you to our city. Your cover letter also provides an avenue for you to tell us more about your experience and achievements. If possible, you should try to accomplish all this in one page.

2. Your Current Resume
Please send a resume that is succinct and thorough. It should be a brief chronology of your past accomplishments, in a form that is well organized and easy to read. We are very interested in your academic achievements, so please list your majors and class standings, as well as organizations you participated in and the leadership positions you held. We are also interested in your previous employment, including the level of responsibility, demonstrations of initiative, advancements, and other pertinent information. 

3. Your Latest Law School Grade Transcript
We will initially review an unofficial copy of a law school transcript, if necessary, in light of time constraints. However, we must receive an official, up-to-date law school grade transcript before we will extend an offer of employment.

4. A Brief Writing Sample
To select an appropriate writing sample, consider the skills we are trying to evaluate. We look at the quality of your writing, the overall organization, and your legal research and reasoning. Therefore, the best type of writing sample is a legal research memorandum or brief that is entirely your own work.

Please provide an explanatory cover letter or annotation with any writing sample that you submit. In particular, if you cannot avoid submitting a writing sample that reflects editing or other work by someone else, please explain your relative contribution (e.g., "I drafted Parts I and II", or "Reflects light editing by supervising attorney"). Documents with substantial input by others are generally not appropriate writing samples. This can be a problem, for example, with law review articles, products of judicial clerks based heavily on materials submitted by litigants, or documents containing a substantial amount of "boilerplate" derived from prior work.

If your document was produced under unusual constraints (e.g., a "closed memo" exercise), please point that out.

Risk Management:

We take very seriously our obligations to avoid conflicts of interest and comply with employment and immigration laws. Therefore, prior to employment, all potential candidates are subject to a review of their previous employment, background and credit investigations, bar memberships, and proof of their eligibility to work in the United States.

Reimbursement of Expenses:

For candidates traveling from another city, we will typically pay for round trip (coach) travel from their home to our office, plus taxi and/or public transportation fares. For those candidates who prefer to drive, we will reimburse mileage and parking. If candidates travel from some distance, we will typically pay for one night's lodging at a hotel we select, plus reasonable meals. Expenses we will not typically reimburse include: car rentals, incidentals, personal purchases, bar bills, excessive telephone charges, entertainment, dry cleaning, or other personal expenses. For candidates who interview with other potential employers on the same trip, we prefer to share expenses with those employers. All candidates should discuss travel arrangements with us before incurring any expenses.

Contact Us:

Washington, DC Office:
Lindy Resh, Attorney Recruitment Manager

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
1350 I Street, N.W.
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005-3311

Baltimore Office:
Megan L. Morgan, Associate

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
201 North Charles Street
Suite 2210
Baltimore, MD 21201-4150

New York Office:
Stephen L. Gordon, Principal

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
477 Madison Avenue
15th Floor
New York, NY 10022-5802

Boston Office:
Heidi P. Knight, Principal

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
15 Walnut Street
Suite 400
Wellesley, MA 02481-2133

Austin Office:
Bryan J. Moore, Principal

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
98 San Jacinto Boulevard
Suite 1420
Austin, TX 78701-4296

San Francisco Office:
Kaitlyn D. Shannon, Associate

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
456 Montgomery Street
Suite 1800
San Francisco, CA 94104-1251

Seattle Office:
Erika L. Holsman, Associate

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
600 University Street, Suite 1601
Seattle, WA 98101