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Related Practices

Mass Tort Can Strike Without Warning

Make Sure Your Insurance Policy Covers You

Product liability lawsuits can be devastating when an insurance company tries to sidestep the protection it agreed to provide. And this happens more often than you think.

One large manufacturer we know was hit with hundreds of suits claiming that one of its products contained a toxic substance.

The insurer argued it had no "duty to defend" or to pay. A Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. attorney argued the opposite and won 100% coverage for the enormous expense of defending those cases. We recovered attorneys' fees, too.

With a lightning-fast increase in mass tort and class action lawsuits, a company's survival depends on close scrutiny for leaks in its insurance coverage — the kind of policy language that encourages insurance companies to try and escape the promises they made.

Beveridge & Diamond attorneys are insurance sleuths, skilled at searching for key policy language and developing strategies for battling insurance companies to get the coverage our clients paid for.

Let us worry about your insurance coverage, so you can go about your business without fear of risk or ruin. When a lawsuit strikes, having an insurance policy that you know will protect you can help weather even the biggest storms.