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Related Practices

Build Your Business Responsibly

Different Interpretations Aren't Always Wrong

Even though a company and its in-house counsel worked diligently to comply with complex, new federal regulations, it didn't seem to matter to the government.

In-house counsel conducted an investigation, discussed the issues with regulators and sought outside legal advice. But in the government's efforts to leverage the prosecution of the company, it indicted in-house counsel. That's when we came in.

Our attorneys demonstrated that the government's case was unfounded and got the indictment against in-house counsel dismissed.

Achieving your company's growth goals while meeting regulatory obligations is Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.'s aim.

One of our clients devoted significant resources in bringing its business into compliance with complicated regulations, yet years of litigation resulted. We persuaded the government to rethink its reading of the regulations and dismiss an indictment on the eve of trial.

It was a victory that showed being responsible and aggressive don't have to be mutually exclusive.