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Related Practices

Large Petroleum Refinery

Negotiating a Settlement Under a Nationwide Enforcement Initiative

When one of the nation's largest refiners was faced with the threat of a company-wide enforcement action that targeted the petroleum refining industry and focused on four major federal Clean Air Act issues (New Source Review, New Source Performance Standards, the Benzene Waste NESHAP, and Leak Detection and Repair standards) and on a number of state law issues, the refiner turned to Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.

From the outset, the Firm assisted the client with its responses to the government's massive information requests, to numerous Notices of Violation and, ultimately, with the settlement negotiations. Spearheading the lengthy and often contentious negotiations with both the federal government and as many as five state and local air pollution control agencies, Beveridge & Diamond helped craft a settlement agreement that put the company in the forefront of the refining industry with the implementation of cutting-edge pollution control technology, kept the company on track to meet its business goals, provided the potential for expansion of refining capacity, and granted the company a clean slate for allegations of past non-compliance.