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Related Practices

Protect Your Company & the Environment

Avoid the Natural Resources Damages Undertow

Three different businesses. All dealing with natural resources damages (NRD) claims. And another thing in common. At a critical point, they each finally called Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.

A major manufacturer facing cleanup of thousands of acres of river and bay sediments. A large consumer products company tasked with restoration of a polluted river. A manufacturer of marine products that had spent seven years in litigation over cleanup procedures.

Other law firms get caught in the NRD undertow. We guide clients safely to shore. Beveridge & Diamond attorneys are masters of the procedures used by natural resources agencies for assessing damages. And we have proven techniques for limiting NRD liability.

Federal, state, and tribal authorities have become highly active in seeking NRD compensation under the federal and state laws.

Claims for natural resources damages can dwarf Superfund clean-up costs.

Beveridge & Diamond attorneys handling NRD claims have helped clients restore natural resources to benefit local communities and the environment and still save hundreds of millions of dollars. We can clean up the legal messes and the environment.