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Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. has been active in food and agricultural biotechnology since the earliest days of the federal regulation of biotechnology in the United States.  We successfully represented the industry’s interests when EPA’s first approval of an environmental release of a genetically modified organism was challenged by the Foundation on Economic Trends.  On the heels of that success, we represented the first company to apply for pre-market approvals from multiple agencies under the then-new Coordinated Framework For The Regulation Of Biotechnology.

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Since those early days, we have represented numerous food, seed, and pesticide companies in developing and implementing regulatory strategies and defending against critics.  We assist clients in forging alliances to develop and commercialize seeds and products.  We participate in the development of international instruments that seek to regulate biotechnology, and are experienced with regulatory regimes for biotechnology around the world.

Beveridge & Diamond’s reputation for excellence in food and agriculture biotechnology matters is based on twenty years of working with U.S. and international clients who discover, obtain government approvals for, manufacture, and promote food, seeds, and pesticides made through biotechnology.  We work with each client to identify its business objectives, to establish the most effective regulatory or commercial strategies in light of those objectives, and to implement the strategies to achieve or exceed the business objectives.

We have built our reputation by providing top quality legal advice that is practical and effective. We make it a priority to learn about and understand each client’s business and objectives, with the goal of providing long term advice that continually enhances our client’s business and reputation.

Representative Matters
Representative Matters
  • We represent clients in reviews of their products, whether initiated by the government, competitors, or activist groups.
  • We represent clients in court actions to challenge government activities that are inconsistent with the law, to defend the validity of approvals issued over competitor or public interest group objections, and to resolve commercial disputes with other private parties.
  • We assist clients to meet federal and state requirements for obtaining approvals, and advise them on the full range of compliance issues, including labeling (and its potential impact on product liability); import and export restrictions; permissible supply, manufacturing, and marketing relationships; and allowable label and marketing claims.
  • We assist clients who wish to acquire or sell some or all of a biotechnology business.
  • We represent clients in key fora around the world on the negotiation and implementation of international agreements impacting the biotechnology industry and related product sectors.
  • We represent clients who wish to prevent or minimize the legal risks associated with investing in biotechnology in key developing countries around the world and who wish to better understand the affects on the biotechnology industry and related product sectors of the rapidly developing “biosafety” and “organic food” legal regimes in such countries.