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Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. Purchases Renewable Energy Credits Equal to 100% of Firm’s Electricity Usage

April 5, 2011

Washington, DC - Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. (“B&D”), a national law firm known for its environmental practice, has entered into an agreement to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) for wind-generated electricity in an amount equivalent to 100% of its annual electricity usage in all of its offices nationwide.  As part of its commitment as a Green Power Leader in the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge, B&D is purchasing 1,500 megawatt hours (“mWh”) of RECs from Community Energy, Inc. annually, making it one of the first firms in the country to hit the 100% mark on REC purchases.  The estimated greenhouse gas reduction attributable to B&D’s purchase is approximately the same as removing 203 passenger vehicles from the roadways or eliminating the carbon dioxide from 116,200 gallons of consumed gasoline.

In June of 2007, B&D enrolled in all three ABA-EPA Climate Challenge programs -- the Green Power Partnership, Energy Star, and Best Practices for Office Paper Management.  B&D was the first law firm to make commitments to all three Challenge programs at all of its offices nationwide. The Green Power Partnership is an EPA program that promotes the use of renewable electricity through the purchase of credits that force “green power” to displace fossil fueled power. B&D’s purchase of wind-generated electricity RECs qualifies the firm for recognition as a “Leader” under the Green Power Partnership. 

Since February 2008, all of B&D’s offices have been using paper that has a minimum 30% post-consumer content for all standard in-house printing and copying (with some offices using 80-100% post-consumer content paper).  Since 2007, B&D has implemented paper recycling and double-sided printing as the default setting in its offices as part of its commitment under the Best Practices for Office Paper Management program of the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge. 

The Firm believes that office sustainability is an ongoing process, and will continue to make investments and adopt systems designed to meet best practices of energy and environmental management consistent with the goals of the Challenge and beyond.

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Since 1974, Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. ( has defined the practice of environmental law in this country. With approximately 100 attorneys nationwide, the Firm has achieved success in numerous venues and in every substantive area of environmental practice. Firm lawyers are business partners with their clients, helping them meet local, national and global challenges and pursue business opportunities.

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