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Related Practices

EPA Releases State Enforcement Dashboards and Comparative Maps

February 11, 2013

On February 7, 2013, EPA released new interactive tools which are intended to provide enforcement performance data and comparative maps through its Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) service. These tools, available at, chart and map environmental compliance and enforcement trends on a state and national level in the topic areas of air, water, and hazardous waste.

EPA’s new state dashboards show detailed data from the current and four previous fiscal years, although datasets are also available for previous years. The dashboards’ charts and graphs allow easy visualization of compliance and enforcement trends, showing both activity levels and performance compared to goals or averages. Each chart and graph may be printed or exported in various formats.

The comparative maps allow the user to sort data by agency (EPA and/or state), facility size/type, and various endpoints such as facility counts, inspections, violations, enforcement actions, and penalties. Users may also choose to compare based on total counts or percentages. States and territories are shaded according to the numerical range in which they fall for each selected combination to enable a visual comparison of compliance and enforcement indicators across the country and over time. 

EPA will host a public webinar on Tuesday, February 12, at 3p.m. EST demonstrating how to use the new state dashboards and comparative maps. Webinar attendance may be reserved at EPA is also seeking ideas from users on how to improve the dashboards and map and has provided a link on each website to send comments and suggestions.

For more information, contact Steve Herman,, 202-789-6060, or Andie Wyatt,, 202-789-6086.