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HIV Positive Pro Bono Client Granted Lawful Permanent Residence ("Green Card")

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., May 30, 2008

An Immigration Court in Baltimore yesterday granted relief from removal to one of Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.’s pro bono clients.  Our client, an HIV-positive grandmother from Cameroon, was in removal proceedings because she had overstayed her visa, submitted an incomplete application for adjustment of status, and failed to apply for an HIV waiver. 

Beveridge & Diamond was asked by the Whitman-Walker Clinic to assist with the case after it had languished in the court system for over three years under prior representation.  At the Individual Hearing, the Immigration Judge reviewed the evidence submitted by Beveridge & Diamond and ruled from the bench that our client had now met the legal requirements to permanently remain in the United States.  Thus, Beveridge & Diamond successfully obtained lawful permanent resident status for our client.  In light of her HIV status, deportation could have been a death sentence. 

"The Firm strongly encourages every attorney to undertake pro bono representation and commits substantial resources to facilitate participation in pro bono efforts. In this matter, second year associate, Anne Finken, conducted all aspects of the immigration hearing with guidance from Steve Herman", said Pro Bono and Litigation practice chair, Hal Segall.  Beveridge & Diamond's pro bono policy has been formulated in the belief that a firm such as ours has a professional and ethical obligation to contribute its skills, as well as its capital, in aid of those who cannot afford counsel and in civil rights matters.  Our attorneys averaged over 80 pro bono hours per attorney in 2007, and the Firm conitinues with a similar level of effort in 2008, consistent with longstanding practice.  For more information, please contact Hal Segall at (202) 789-6038.

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