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Green Chemistry Developments at the Federal and State Levels

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., May 5, 2010

Green Chemistry at the Federal Level

Green Chemistry is gaining prominence as an approach to enhance the design and development of chemicals.  At the federal level, recently proposed legislation to overhaul the Toxic Substances and Control Act incorporates Green Chemistry principles in a section entitled “Safer Alternatives and Green Chemistry and Engineering.”  The Environmental Protection Agency also already implements several programs that promote Green Chemistry, and the United States Senate recently confirmed Paul Anastas, the “founding father” of Green Chemistry, as Assistant Administrator for the Office of Research and Development at EPA.

In light of these activities, this Client Alert provides a detailed look at Green Chemistry and describes current Green Chemistry efforts at the federal level.  Understanding Green Chemistry is important because the role of Green Chemistry is expected to amplify as the United States continues to manage and regulate chemical use into the future.

To read the full article on developments in federal Green Chemistry, please click here.

Green Chemistry at the State Level

In April 2010, California released proposed draft regulations for the implementation of the State’s foundational Green Chemistry legislation.  Viewed by many as a potential national model for chemical reform, California's legislation is considered to be one of the nation’s first comprehensive, state-level efforts to find safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals, a core principle of Green Chemistry.  The impact of the legislation and similar laws emerging throughout the states is potentially far-reaching for manufacturers and industry, which may face a number of new obligations, such as the full disclosure of product ingredients, and new restrictions, such as outright chemical bans.  Given this significance, this Client Alert provides a detailed look at the ongoing development of Green Chemistry in California, as well as an overview of Green Chemistry efforts underway in several other states.

For the full article on developments in Green Chemistry at the state level, please click here.

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For additional information or guidance regarding federal or state Green Chemistry developments, please contact: Mark Duvall (; Ken Finney (; Laura Duncan (; or Ryan Tacorda (




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