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Litigating and Managing Asbestos Claims

June 24, 2009

American Conference Institute's 10th National Advanced Forum on Litigating and Managing Asbestos Claims
John H. Kazanjian
June 23 - 24, 2009
The Union League, Philadelphia, PA
Contact: John Kazanjian at

On Wednesday, June 24, 2009, John H. Kazanjian will moderate a panel called A View From the Bench: Judges Speak out on Successful Plaintiff Claims and Defense Strategies, Efficient Adjudication, Settlements, and More at this American Conference Institute event.

Points for discussion will include:

  • What claims have proven the most successful for plaintiffs and what defense strategies work best in the court room
  • Curtailing “junk” claims
  • Ensuring that legitimate claims are quickly resolved and that defendants with tenuous connections are not bearing the bulk of liability
  • Prioritizing asbestos cases
  • Solutions for adjudication delays
  • The settlement path
  • MDL: Observations and advice

Mr. Kazanjian will also be speaking at this event.  His subject will be A Global View: What's Happening Overseas and How It Will Affect Your Practice.  During this presentation, Mr. Kazanjian will discuss:

  • In what direction is overseas asbestos case law heading?
  • What changes in the law have affected the way that claims are presented?
  • What types of claims are being brought and which ones most often end up being settled by insurers?
  • How current overseas hot spots are handling asbestos claims
  • UK asbestos litigation: The courts application of trigger
  • How international claims may impact potential US trusts
  • What’s ahead for the world of international asbestos litigation

For more information, please contact Mr. Kazanjian, or click here for the conference brochure.