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American Bar Association Forum on Air & Space Law

Changing Business Models in a Shrinking World
July 27, 2006

ABA Forum on Air & Space Law
2006 Annual Meeting
Sheraton City Center Hotel
St. Louis, MO
Contact: Nancy Young at

Nancy Young will be speaking at the American Bar Association's 2006 Forum on Air & Space Law on July 27th, 2006. Ms. Young will be speaking on the Future Issues Shaping Aviation's Impact on the Environment panel. She will discuss the challenge of meeting the expected demands for future aviation capacity, including: the noise and emmission impacts as aviation grows two to three times by 2025; what is available for mitigation; the impact of increased use of microjets, smaller planes, and smaller airports; and potential emmissions changes and the concerns, particularly in the European Union (EU) about greenhouse gases.

For more information, contact Nancy Young or the ABA at