Beveridge & Diamond

2014 Products Law Webinar Series

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.’s annual Products Law Webinar Series examines constantly-evovling regulatory and product stewardship initiatives and litigation strategies. The series helps participants anticipate, understand, and manage the breadth of environmentally-related compliance issues facing companies that manufacture or sell products.

Beveridge & Diamond assists clients with the full spectrum of U.S. state and federal, and international product-related issues. For more information, please contact practice group chair Mark Duvall,, (202) 789-6090.

The 2014 Products Law Update webinar series includes:

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Wednesday, July 23:  Enforcement Alert: When Retail Products Become Hazardous Waste

EPA and several states have brought huge enforcement actions against retailers returning damaged or obsolete products from stores to central facilities for repair, recycling, or disposal.  Learn about the current rules, the stakes, and how to defend enforcement actions. Download presentation.

Wednesday, September 17:  Common California Pitfalls for Product Manufacturers and Distributors

National product marketers face special challenges in California where restrictions on chemicals imposed by the state –including warning requirements, chemical content limitations or bans, environmental marketing claims, engine emissions, and extended producer liability –  differ from federal requirements.  This session will provide insights into how to manage California’s requirements and mitigate enforcement risks. Download presentation.

Wednesday, October 22:  Dealing with California’s Green Chemistry Regulations

Now that the Department of Toxic Substances Control has begun implementation of the Safer Consumer Products regulations, companies throughout the U.S. must assess how to deal with these new requirements.  Topics will include advocacy, supply chain issues, alternatives assessments, trade secret protection, and potential litigation. Download presentation.

Wednesday, November 19:  Green Marketing Update

This session will review the changing environmental marketing landscape since the FTC revised its Green Guides in 2012, including enforcement actions, private litigation related to marketing claims, and lessons learned. Download presentation.

Wednesday, December 3:  Living With Non-Governmental Sustainability Requirements

Increasingly, retailers and non-profits are setting standards on product content, energy usage, or other sustainability benchmarks that can have substantial impacts on companies’ operations.  This webinar will review the current state of such requirements and suggest best practices for implementation. Download presentation.