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Related Practices

EBC Third Annual Construction and Demolition Debris Regional Summit

January 16, 2009

EBC Third Annual Construction and Demolition Debris Regional Summit
Stephen Richmond, Program Chair
Doubletree Hotel, Westborough, Massachusetts
January 16, 2009
Contact: Stephen Richmond at 

Stephen Richmond will serve as program chair for the third year in a row at this annual regional conference devoted to facilitating exchanges among business generators, waste processors and government regulators. The summit theme this year is on developing recycling markets for specific waste streams that comprise construction and demolition debris, identifying barriers to those markets, and establishing action plans for overcoming those barriers. Mr.. Richmond will also moderate the closing panel of the summit, which is devoted to identifying and prioritizing action items for change in the coming year.

For more information, please contact Stephen Richmond.  To view the event details, please visit the following web site and click on "Latest Agenda":[sinuid]=413&cHash=fca6694006