Beveridge & Diamond

Product Manufacturing

Product manufacturing issues have been at the core of environmental, safety, and health law since its inception.  Beveridge & Diamond has extensive experience in virtually all of the issues associated with manufacturing facilities, including those arising under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and Superfund.  Our work has included assistance with influencing the regulatory process, compliance, permitting, and defending enforcement actions.  More detailed information of each of these areas may be found on our website at

In addition to environmental statutes and programs administered by the Environmental Protection Agency and their state counterparts, our practice has included work arising under a variety of other statutes and agencies, including the following.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards and recordkeeping requirements, including inspections, compliance advice, and defense of citations.
  • Food and Drug Administration good manufacturing practice requirements and FDA inspections.
  • Chemical plant security legislation and related Department of Homeland Security regulations.
  • The Chemical Weapons Convention, including inspections for chemicals subject to the Commerce Department’s implementing regulations.
  • The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, including resolution of compliance issues with respect to the use of radioactive sources in manufacturing.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau requirements on ethanol refining and use.
  • Drug Enforcement Administration reporting requirements for manufacture and use of listed and precursor chemicals.
  • Toxic Substances Control Act exemptions from premanufacture and significant new use rule requirements that affect manufacturing operations.