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Corporate and Securities Litigation


Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.’s Commercial and Securities Litigation Practice has been pursing the right path to achieve our clients’ business goals since 1974.  Every case has been different.  Our focus is always on the client’s business objective whether it is to obtain or maintain competitive advantage or simply to minimize losses.  This approach guides our development, jointly with our client, of strategies and budgets for our cases.

Full Description

Since the Firm’s beginning in the 1970’s, Beveridge & Diamond’s litigators have aggressively, efficiently and successfully represented clients in commercial and securities matters.  We represent businesses and government entities and occasionally individuals in these cases.

We have won verdicts and judgments in class action proxy cases, corporate control fights, breach of warranty, fraud and unfair competition cases, licensing agreement disputes and contract cases.  Our work takes place in diverse settings – from federal and state courts to arbitration tribunals such as the AAA and the International Court of Arbitration.  We work with our clients to develop the best strategies and realistic and appropriate budgets based on an understanding of our client’s business needs and objectives.

Representative Matters
Representative Matters
  • After two trials, we produced a favorable defense settlement in a class action by a minority shareholder alleging violations of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proxy rules, and various state common law claims.  Wilson v. Great Am. Indus., Inc.
  • We obtained multi-million dollar settlement awards for West Virginia municipalities in breach of warranty, negligence and fraud actions against designers, builders, and equipment suppliers of municipal wastewater treatment facilities.
  • We defeated an attempt to stop the sale of an Avon product, and then, after a trial, we won a judgment for Avon on all counts.  Biopharmaceutics, Inc. v. Primavera Labs., Inc.
  • We represented a major mining company in a breach of contract case decided by the International Court of Arbitration that achieved a successful result.