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Don’t Just Shuffle Offices: Give Local Officials Teeth
Peter J. Schaumberg
ELI Environmental Forum, May 2018

Court Rulings Bolster Affordable Housing Developments
Brian C. Levey
Banker and Tradesman, February 25, 2013

Maryland High Court Affims Property Owners' Right to Exclude the Public from Privately Owned Beach Land
Richard S. Davis and W. Parker Moore
Eastern Water Law & Policy Reporter, March 2012

The Politicization of Land Use in America
Gus B. Buaman
Urban Land, November 2011

Reprinted with permission from Urban Land, the online publication of the Urban Land Institute; copyright 2011

Will the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers Amend the Definition of 'Fill Material' to Put the Pressure on Mountaintop Mining?
Richard S. Davis and Graham St. Michel
Eastern Water Law & Policy Reporter, April 2011

A Blow to Wind Energy
Peter J. Schaumberg and W. Parker Moore
Environmental Law360, March 9, 2011

Transition Alerts

A special B&D series on issues likely to be embraced by the next administration.

Commercial Development’s New Tools for Towns
Come Springtime, Non-Profit Will Move Into Renovated School
Brian C. Levey, Marc J. Goldstein and Krista L. Hawley
Banker & Tradesman, September 22, 2008

Massachusetts Gateway Cities: Brownfields Pilot Sites
Deborah A. Eliason and Jeanine L.G. Grachuk
New England Real Estate Journal, August 29, 2008

Federal Waters, Public Noise, and the Reach of National Security
Karen M. Hansen and Suzanne M. Piluso
Environmental Liability Enforcement & Penalties Reporter, June 2008

Supreme Judicial Court Finds MEPA Certification Arbitrary
Deborah A. Eliason and Stephen M. Richmond
Banker & Tradesman, April 28, 2008

A Regulatory Proposal That Even The Supreme Court Could Love
Fred R. Wagner and W. Parker Moore
ABA's Natural Resources & Environment, Summer 2007

Environmentalism and the Supreme Court: A Cultural Analysis
Jonathan Z. Cannon
33 Ecology Law Quarterly 363, October 2006

Bay State Moves to Address Perchlorate Contamination
Jeanine Grachuk
Boston Business Journal, Vol. 25, No. 30, August 26, 2005

Options For Potentially Responsible Parties to Pursue Recovery of Response Costs in the Wake of the Aviall Decision
Karl S. Bourdeau
Contaminated Property Transactions: Deals for Development (RTM Communications, Inc. Conference), April 2005

Construction Activities On One Acre or More of Land Now Subject to Permitting and Enforcement
Richard S. Davis
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., March 10, 2003

Wetlands Update: Post-SWANCC Rulemaking on Isolated Wetlands
Fred Wagner and Gus Bauman
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., January 15, 2003

Nationwide Overview of Transportation Conformity Lawsuits
David M. Friedland and Gus B. Bauman
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., December 1, 2002

New Brownfields Law Will Affect Transactions of Potentially Contaminated Property
Karl S. Bourdeau
Real Estate Finance Journal (Warren, Gorham & Lamont), Spring 2002

District Court Upholds Environmental Assessment for Ohio Highway
Fred R. Wagner and Fritz Shoch, Assistant Attorney General, State of Ohio
The Natural Lawyer, Spring 2002

Summary of the Small Business Liability Relief of Brownfields Revitalization Act of 2001
Karl Bourdeau
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., January 2002

Investigation and Evaluation: Keys to Selecting Safe Sites for School Construction
Fred R. Wagner
From the Ground Up: Legal Issues in Construction (National School Boards Association), January 1, 2002

Corps of Engineers Proposal to Modify the Nationwide Permit Program
Fred R. Wagner
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., August 1, 2001

Transportation Planning and Air Pollution: The Search for Common Ground
David Friedland, Gus Bauman and David Williamson
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, April 2001

How We Can Grow Smarter: More Rational Land Use Planning Would Help Businesses and Communities
Henry L. Diamond and Gus B. Bauman
33 Legal Times, May 22, 2000