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Rise of the Zombies: How Reviving Long-Dead Corporations at CERCLA Sites Can Save Your Client Money
Loren Dunn
American Bar Association, Superfund and Natural Resource Damages Litigation Committee Newsletter, May 2017

Does the Dose Still “Make the Poison” under Daubert?
Eric L. Klein and Jessalee L. Landfried
American Bar Association Natural Resources & Environment, Vol. 31 No. 4, Spring 2017

Natural Resource Damages: A New Approach To PCB Litigation
Eric L. Klein and Graham C. Zorn
Product Liability Law360, April 5, 2017

Tips for Keeping Environmental Enforcement Actions Civil: Maintaining Good Relations With Regulators
Peter C. Anderson
Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report, October 31, 2014

Corporate Successor Liability Law Under CERCLA: The Vitaility of the Substantial Continuity Test in Superfund Cleanups
James B. Slaughter
34 BNA Environment Reporter 2363-2370, October 24, 2003

Defeating RCRA Claims Based on Failure to Establish that an Alleged Harm is “Imminent"
Harold L. Segall, Katherine T. Gates, Annise K. Maguire
The Environmental Litigator, Volume 22, Number 10, Fall 2010

Third-Party Discovery: Who's In Control?
Paula J. Schauwecker
Natural Resources & Environment, Summer 2010

The Likely Expansion Of Environmental Tort Claims
John S. Guttmann, Daniel M. Krainin and Geoffrey R. Goode
Environmental Law360, June 2010

2009 Year in Review: Environmental Litigation and Toxic Torts Chapter
Daniel M. Krainin, Patrick R. Jacobi and Sarah S. Doverspike
ABA Section of Environment, Energy and Resources Year in Review, 2009

Preemption Litigation Strategies Under Environmental Law
James B. Slaughter and James M. Auslander
ABA's Natural Resources & Environment, Spring 2008

2008 Year in Review: Environmental Litigation and Toxic Torts Chapter
Daniel M. Krainin, Patrick R. Jacobi and Graham St. Michel
ABA Section of Environment, Energy and Resources Year in Review, 2008

Corporate Affiliate Liability After U.S. v. Bestfoods
David M. ("Max") Williamson and Christopher J. McKenzie
BNA Toxics Law Reporter, December 6, 2007

Back to the Future PRPS Regain Access to the Courts in United States v. Atlantic Research Corporation
James B' Slaughter
ABA's Environmental Litigation Committee Newsletter, Fall 2007

Environmentalism and the Supreme Court: A Cultural Analysis
Jonathan Z. Cannon
33 Ecology Law Quarterly 363, October 2006

Electronic Discovery and the Environmental Litigator
Paula J. Schauwecker
ABA's Natural Resources and Environment, Spring 2006

Animal Cruelty Law in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia
Patrick R. Jacobi
DC Bar Section of Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources, Summer 2005

Future of the "Feeney Amendment" After High Court's Sentencing Rules
William N. Sinclair
Washington Legal Foundation's Legal Backgrounder, February 11, 2005

Winning Preemption and Damages Under Federal Environmental Law
James Slaughter and James Auslander
Environmental Litigation Committee Newsletter 5-7 (American Bar Association, Section of Litigation, Environmental Litigation Committee), Fall 2004

Take Mediation Seriously - And Succeed
Harold Himmelman
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, October 2004

Protecting Work Product and Communications of Public Relations Consultants from Discovery
James Slaughter and Nessa Horewitch
ABA Litigation Section Corporate Counsel Committee Newsletter, Spring 2004

South Florida Water Management District v. Miccosukee Tribe of Indians: Supreme Court Considers Extending Clean Water Act Regulation
Richard Davis
35 Environment Reporter 91-98 (BNA Publications), January 9, 2004

TVA v. EPA: The Eleventh Circuit Invalidates A Key EPA Administrative Enforcement Mechanism - Part II
David Friedland, Steve Herman and Laura McAfee
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, October 2003

A Private Sector Guide to Community Relations
Benjamin F. Wilson and Dana Palmer
Human Rights 19 (American Bar Association, Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities), Fall 2003

U.S. v. Ohio Edison and U.S. Duke Energy: Conflicting Interpretations of "Routine Repair" Defense
David Friedland and Laura McAfee
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., September 2003

U.S. v. Bestfoods Postscript: Developments In Parent "Operator" Liability Under Superfund
Holly Cannon and Anthony Michaels
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, September 2003

TVA v. EPA: The Eleventh Circuit Invalidates A Key Administrative Enforcement Mechanism - Part I
David Friedland, Steve Herman and Laura McAfee
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, September 2003

U.S. District Court Issues Opinion on Natural Resource Damages Case: U.S. V. ARCO
Steven Jawetz
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., May 13, 2003

Preemption of Local Environmental Regulations: Courts and the Legislature Reject Local Control of Biosolids
James Slaughter
Environmental Law News, Spring 2003

District Court Upholds Environmental Assessment for Ohio Highway
Fred R. Wagner and Fritz Shoch, Assistant Attorney General, State of Ohio
The Natural Lawyer, Spring 2002

Federal Court Holds that FIFRA Data Compensation Arbitration Awards are Judicially Enforceable
Harold Himmelman and Kathy Szmuszkovicz
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., January 1, 2002

The Legal Concerns of Historic Insurance
John Kazanjian
Brownfield News, June 2001

Alleviating The Nightmare: Insurance For Product Recall
John H. Kazaknjian
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, June 1, 2001

Supreme Court Issues Opinion in EPA v. American Trucking Association
David Friedland
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., February 2001

Beware of "Absolutes": "Absolute" or "Total" Pollution Exclusions Should Not Bar Insurance Coverage of Product Claims Against Pesticide Manufacturers
John H. Kazanjian
Pesticides, Chemical Regulation, and Right-to-Know Committee Newsletter (American Bar Association), January 1, 2001