Virginia Clean Economy Act Requires Extensive New Clean Energy Measures
EPA Issues Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Superfund Sites and Other Cleanup Actions
Transportation and Climate Initiative Issues Draft Cap-and-Investment MOU, Seeks Public Comment
Seventh Circuit Affirms 25% Allocation to No-Fault Purchaser in Superfund Litigation
Maryland Establishes Task Force on Renewable Energy Development and Siting
EPA Issues Updated Guidance on “Common Elements” of Superfund Innocent Landowner Defenses
NC to Regulate the Decommissioning of Renewable Projects and Managing End-of-Life Equipment
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Finds that CERCLA § 104(e) Request and National Priority Listing Do Not Constitute “Claims” Under New York Law
DC Circuit Rules That FERC Should Have Quantified Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Approving Natural Gas Pipeline
Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permits – Some New, Some Modified – Take Effect
Déjà Vu: Supremes Hold Corps’ Jurisdictional Determinations Constitute ‘Final Agency Actions'
BLM Proposes to Restrict Methane Releases from Oil and Gas Leases