How Green is the “Green Rush”? Recognizing the Environmental Concerns Facing the Cannabis Industry

Beveridge & Diamond principal Mackenzie Schoonmaker (New York) and of counsel Chris Strunk (San Francisco) published an article, "How Green is the “Green Rush”? Recognizing the Environmental Concerns Facing the Cannabis Industry," in Volume 21 (2019-2020) of the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law

As a regulatory patchwork emerges of state laws and local ordinances governing cannabis farmers, dispensaries, and ancillary businesses, this article is a primer of potential environmental risks facing the industry. These challenges include litigation sparked by toxic tort, product liability, public nuisance, and safe drinking water claims, as well as regulatory issues such as product labeling, water access, land use, waste disposal, and pesticides law. 

It is important that players in the cannabis industry be aware of—and carefully navigate—these issues. 

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