All B&D COVID-19 Alerts

EPA Announces First-Ever Approval Pathways for “Long-Lasting” Anti-Viral Disinfectants, Coatings, and Surfaces
Making Fashion Sustainable
CEQ Issues NEPA Emergency Guidance
COVID-19 Impacts in Massachusetts: Massachusetts State and Federal Courthouses Re-Open In Phased Approach
Cal/OSHA Issues First COVID-19 Related Citations
Reopening Workplaces Amid COVID-19: Key Considerations for Non-Essential Businesses
In Agency First, EPA Allows Limited Use of Antiviral Disinfectant with Long-Lasting Efficacy Claims
MassDEP Reopens Public Comment Period for Targeted Issues in Draft 2020-2030 Solid Waste Master Plan
EPA Lifting COVID-19-Related Enforcement Discretion Policy on August 31
CORSIA Updates: ICAO Drops 2020 Emissions from CORSIA Baseline and Launches the CORSIA Central Registry
EPA Weighs Lifting COVID-19-Related Enforcement Discretion Policy
California Employers Face Broader Recording and Reporting Obligations for COVID-19 Illnesses
CORSIA Updates: Baseline Decision Imminent and New Offset Programs in the Works
FDA Updates Policies to Increase Supply of Ethanol Available for Use in Hand Sanitizers
President Trump Orders Expanded Use of Emergency Powers to Streamline Infrastructure
EPA Warns Against False or Misleading Antiviral Claims, Highlights Enforcement
OSHA Coronavirus Guidance for Employers Continues to Evolve
EPA Provides Flexibility to Manufacturers of Isopropyl Alcohol-Based Disinfectants and Sanitizers
EPA Expedites Data Review for Disinfectant Products that May Be Effective Against the Novel Coronavirus
Making Sense of Environmental Agency Enforcement Policies in the Wake of a Pandemic
Ten Tips for Disinfectant Producers and Distributors During the COVID-19 Pandemic
EPA Releases Unprecedented Recommendation to Use Unregistered Substances as Disinfectants Against Coronavirus
EPA Continues to Expand Efforts to Ease the Production of Disinfectants Approved for Use Against the Novel Coronavirus
NGOs Seek Court Order Compelling EPA to Respond to Petition for Emergency Rule on COVID-19 Enforcement Discretion
EPA Issues Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Superfund Sites and Other Cleanup Actions
EPA Highlights Enforcement Against Disinfectant Products Making Fraudulent Coronavirus Claims
FDA Policy Provides Enforcement Relief Regarding Certain Medical Devices Due to Pandemic
EPA Takes Action to Ease the Production of Disinfectants Approved for Use Against the Novel Coronavirus
Top Ten Tips for Seeking Enforcement Discretion and Preserving a COVID-19 Force Majeure Affirmative Defense before the TCEQ
Washington Gov. Inslee Issues Clarifications Regarding “Essential” Businesses Exempt from His “Stay-At-Home” Order