Representative Matters

Recent examples of David’s experience include:

  • Representing a major metropolitan transit agency and county on project development matters, including planning, permitting, construction, and mitigation.
  • Advising and litigating on behalf of energy industry clients on regulatory and permitting issues.
  • Advising and successfully litigating on behalf of a client challenging a county’s approval of a CEQA document and project that failed to analyze groundwater and sustainability.
  • Litigating on behalf of oil and gas industry clients and advising on regulatory issues.
  • Representing the owner of a mitigation bank and proposed mitigation lands, and negotiating to provide mitigation lands to project proponents.
  • Serving as counsel for the nation’s largest autonomous and connected vehicle test track.
  • Advising clients on CERCLA site remediation and cost sharing.
  • Following Congress’s authorization of the Secretary of Transportation's assignment of NEPA responsibilities, negotiating and implementing an agreement between California and the Federal Highway Administration that led to faster project delivery and millions of dollars in savings.
  • Assisting the State of Florida in applying for and implementing the NEPA Assignment program for highway projects.
  • Advising a tribal nation on land use issues pertaining to a large development project.
  • Negotiating and devising a strategy to work successfully with 56 federal, state, and tribal government and private entities—many with competing interests—resulting in a $30 million project approval, a myriad of project permits, and solid professional working relationships with the many involved parties.