Representative Matters

Ed’s recent matters include:

  • Defending a Bermuda company from a claim by a former director who, despite having been convicted of securities fraud, sought indemnity from the company in a number of underlying securities actions, resulting in a settlement favorable to the client.
  • Representing a security-services company in two federal lawsuits seeking multimillion-dollar insurance recoveries for losses stemming from warehouse fires, including work on appeals in both matters.
  • Obtaining a victory for a municipality in an American Association of Arbitration case arising from a contract to construct a waste-to-ethanol facility.
  • Defending a company in a lawsuit by a former officer and director alleging breach of an employment contract, including work on an appeal to the Second Circuit.
  • Obtaining a dismissal, both in the federal district court and on appeal to the Second Circuit, of a Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) action seeking contribution for a $50 million cleanup of an allegedly contaminated lead smelter and mining area.
  • Defending a chemical company in a CERCLA action seeking recovery of costs allegedly incurred to clean up hazardous waste at a chemical manufacturing facility.
  • Representing a petroleum refinery as an intervenor in a citizen suit challenging the Environment Protection Agency's handling of the company’s permit under Title V of the Clean Air Act.
  • Defending a product-liability action related to alleged groundwater contamination from a gasoline additive.
  • Defending a computer software company in a multibillion-dollar federal antitrust suit alleging monopolization of the market for personal-computer operating systems, including work on an appeal to the Fourth Circuit and a certiorari petition filed in the U.S. Supreme Court. (This work was done at a previous law firm.)