Beveridge & Diamond Sponsoring, Speaking at ABA SEER 25th Fall Conference

Beveridge & Diamond is proud to sponsor the American Bar Association Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (ABA SEER) 25th Fall Conference on Environmental, Energy, and Resource Law in our role as an Annual Legal Leader of ABA SEER. This conference takes place in Baltimore, MD from October 18-21 and will act as a forum for dialogue and deliberation on current and emerging environmental, energy, and natural resource issues.

Mark Duvall (Principal, Washington, DC) will speak on a panel titled "Reality Check: What You Need to Know about TSCA Reform Implementation" that will take place on October 19. Panelists will explain what clients need to know about the new TSCA, including topics such as the new foundational rules, specific chemicals under reviewor being regulated, and implications for biotech and nanotech.

Sarah Albert (Principal, Baltimore) will moderate a panel titled "Chesapeake Bay Initiative: Lessons Learned" that will take place on October 20. Reflecting on the historic Chesapeake Bay Initiative of 2010, panelists will examine the program’s successes and failures; its impacts on industry, agriculture, and communities; and other TMDL implementations nationwide as well as the Trump administration’s approach to water quality restoration and enforcement in general.

A full schedule of the event may be found here.

To learn more please visit the ABA website.