Beveridge & Diamond Sponsoring, Speaking at GlobalChem 2018

Beveridge & Diamond is a proud sponsor of GlobalChem, taking place in Washington, DC, February 28-March 2, 2018. GlobalChem, hosted by the American Chemistry Council is one of the industry's leading events focused on chemical regulation and provides a unique educational opportunity for chemical industry professionals.

The event includes a 2-day Conference and 1-day TSCA Fundamentals Workshop.  GlobalChem 2018 will explore lessons learned since the passage of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (LCSA) amendments to TSCA, strategies for successful implementation of the TSCA amendments throughout the value chain, and how these efforts reflect or inform international chemical management activities.

Mark Duvall (Principal, Washington, DC), leader of the firm's Toxic Substances/TSCA practice group, will speak on Year One: Lessons Learned and Keys to Moving Ahead, on Thursday, March 1. This session will explore some of the most important changes made to TSCA under LCSA, the implications of how Section 5 has changed and EPA’s next steps, and the implications for future risk evaluations of high priority.

Tim Serie (Associate, Washington, DC) will speak on The Role of Processors and Downstream Users in Addressing Information Needs under TSCA on Thursday, March 1.

Aaron Goldberg will speak on Chemical Safety in the Modern Era, on Friday, March 2.

Ryan Carra, Sarah Kettenmann, and Shengzhi Wang will also attend the conference.

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