IT Dept. Support: Video Conferencing

Click on one of the below links (depending on which operating system you’re using):

to RUN and INSTALL the Jabber 12.1.0 software on your computer.

Once installed, you’ll simply need to log into the software with the Username/Password (Fig. 1) that you were given.

Fig. 1

Once logged in, you will be able to go to the Settings (gear icon) in the top-right, and go to File | Options, and test your Audio/Video options (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

Make the call by typing in the address you will be given and then click the phone icon (green circle) in order to connect to the proper B&D videoconferencing room.

Once connected, click the green Start My Video button (Fig. 3) at the top right when you are ready to turn on your camera.

We recommend testing with us prior to your scheduled videoconference.  If you have questions/problems, we would be happy to help.

Fig. 3