Beveridge & Diamond Attorneys Author Environment Chapters in The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual: 2016

The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual: 2016

Pete Anderson (Principal, Washington, DC), Jessalee Landfried (Associate, Washington, DC), and Gaya Patel (Associate, Washington, DC) recently authored a chapter in The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual: 2016 published by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.  Their chapter, “Environmental Law and Compliance,” provides an overview of the most common environmental statutory and regulatory programs that can impose environmental obligations on regulated industries. In this chapter, the authors also summarize the key obligations and potential violations associated with a wide variety of environmental statutes, ranging from commonly known statutes such as the Clean Air Act to less-familiar statutes such as the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act.

In addition, Mr. Anderson wrote an article that was also published in the manual.  Titled “Taking a Broader View of Compliance Risks and Enforcement‑Readiness: Tips on Maintaining Good Regulatory Relationships, and Preparing for Grand Jury Subpoenas and Search Warrants,”  the article suggests practical precautionary steps companies can take to demonstrate “good corporate citizenship” as well as tips on how to better respond to grand jury subpoenas and search warrants. 

Lawyers at Beveridge & Diamond regularly produce articles and speak on current issues and developments related to environmental compliance, furthering the Firm's 40-year mission to help clients prevent, detect, respond to, defend, and correct environmental violations.   For more information on the unique blend of proactive and reactive services that Beveridge & Diamond offers, click here.

The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual: 2016 is written by experienced compliance and ethics professionals and provides a comprehensive overview on every aspect of the compliance and ethics field.  Geared towards on-the-ground compliance managers, it offers practical and accessible guidance helpful for an array of industries and businesses.  The chapters provided above are reproduced with permission from the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.  This manual is a useful tool for every in-house and outside counsel.  For further information or to order the complete manual, click here.