Beveridge & Diamond Attorneys Author U.S. Chapters in Getting the Deal Through: Environment & Climate Regulation 2018

Nine Beveridge & Diamond attorneys authored the two U.S. chapters in Getting the Deal Through: Environment & Climate Regulation 2018, a publication that gathers legal information from around the world to make researching environmental and climate regulation in foreign jurisdictions easier.  The environment and climate regulation sections of the publication cover 16 countries and 13 countries respectively.

Don Patterson and Beth Richardson (Principals, Washington, DC) wrote the U.S. chapter of the environmental section which provides an overview of key environmental regulations and regulatory authorities, hazardous activities and substances, environmental aspects in transactions and public procurement, environmental assessments, and environmental judicial proceedings in the U.S.  Click here to read the U.S. environment chapter.

Brook Detterman (Associate, Boston), David Weber (Principal, Seattle), Kristin Gladd (Associate, Washington, DC), Michael Vitris (Associate, Austin), Jacob Duginski (Associate, San Francisco), Laura LaValle (Principal, Austin), and Leah Dundon (Of Counsel, Washington, DC) contributed the U.S. chapter of the climate regulation section.  This chapter summarizes key climate regulations, policies, and regulatory authorities; general climate matters; GHG emission allowances and trading; energy sector regulation; renewable energy and carbon capture; and climate matters in transactions in the U.S.  Click here to read the U.S. climate regulation chapter.

The chapters provided above are reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. These chapters first appeared in Getting the Deal Through: Environment & Climate Regulation 2018 (published in November 2017; contributing editors: Carlos de Miguel Perales of Uría Menéndez and Per Hemmer of Bech-Bruun).  For further information please visit