Beveridge & Diamond Hosts TSCA Implementation Conference

On October 6, 2016, Beveridge & Diamond hosted a conference, TSCA Implementation: Opportunities and Challenges, at the CEB Waterview Conference Center in Rosslyn, Virginia.  The conference, which was attended by 40 industry leaders, featured six presentations by Beveridge & Diamond lawyers and panels of industry experts.  Discussion topics included key changes to TSCA and EPA’s expected implementation path; chemical industry perspectives on opportunities and risks under the new TSCA; preparing for compliance, enforcement, and litigation; TSCA impacts on product manufacturers and other downstream chemical users; and state chemical regulatory hotbeds, including California Prop 65 and green chemistry. 

In addition, former EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Sussman offered the keynote address, “A Peek Inside EPA’s and Non-Industry Stakeholders’ Playbook.”

The key takeaways stemming from the conference were:

  • TSCA implementation will impact companies throughout the supply chain.
  • EPA now has considerably more authority than prior to enactment of TSCA reform and it intends to exercise that authority vigorously.
  • Stakeholders have many opportunities to provide information and advocacy to EPA to help shape how it implements the new TSCA, but the process is largely front-end loaded, meaning that early action can often be the most effective.
  • There are already several examples of companies engaging with EPA proactively with good results.

To request copies of the conference materials, please contact Mark Duvall

Visit Beveridge & Diamond’s TSCA Reform Resource Center to learn more about TSCA implementation.

Mark Duvall

Bob Sussman

Pam Marks

Tim Serie

(From top) Mark Duvall recaps the new TSCA, Bob Sussman gives the keynote address, Pamela Marks introduces a panel of chemical company executives, and Tim Serie moderates a panel on state chemical regulations.