Representative Matters

Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

Environmental Crimes Defense

Pete's environmental crimes defense experience includes:

  • Representing an international lens manufacturing company in a federal environmental criminal investigation surrounded unpermitted pretreatment discharges into the sewer in violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) in which no felony charges were brought against the company or any individuals and the company was permitted to plead guilty to a negligent misdemeanor.
  • Defending an executive and hazardous waste brokerage company in a federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) prosecution, which resulted in a misdemeanor plea for the individual and a felony plea that avoided a million dollar restitution claim.
  • Representing a real estate development company and its executive in a federal criminal investigation of CWA and RCRA violations arising from on-site industrial demolition activities in which the federal prosecutor declined to prosecute.
  • Defending a food grease recycling company and its executive charged with CWA felonies and successfully negotiating a probationary sentence for the individual and a nominal fine for the company.
  • Conducting an internal investigation following a pipeline rupture and release into a river in which felony charges were avoided with a misdemeanor plea and fine.
  • Representing a crew member/engineer of a cruise ship in an investigation relating to illegal bilge water discharges which resulted in no criminal charges brought against this individual.

White Collar Defense

  • Defending a former executive of an international computer technology marketing company in a mail and wire fraud investigation.
  • Representing various executives in pending tax investigations.
  • Defending a pharmaceutical wholesaler against a federal healthcare fraud investigation which resulted in no charges ever being filed.
  • Representing numerous lawyers in federal criminal fraud investigations and prosecutions surrounding both banking and other real estate violations.
  • Defending a hedge fund manager in a federal fraud and tax investigation.
  • Defending a dentist accused of criminal tax evasion.
  • Defending an executive accused of securities fraud involving a $2.9 billion loss, and related obstruction of justice, in two separate, multi-week trials.
  • Defending a tax lawyer accused of tax crimes arising from his counseling of off-shore trusts in which the jury acquitted the client of all charges.
  • Defending various executives in various criminal antitrust investigations in the carbon graphite industry, the rubber belt manufacturing industry, gypsum manufacturing industry, and the shipping industry.
  • Representing many licensed professionals in federal criminal cases, as well as related licensing disputes relating to securities, investments, banking, law, accounting, nursing, and medical.
  • Representing one of the Duke lacrosse players in state criminal investigation and successfully avoided criminal charges to be brought and helping manage and respond to the high-profile media campaign.
  • Representing one of the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders in a state criminal investigation, which involved a high-profile response and resulted in a deferred prosecution.

“The strength of any defense to a federal criminal prosecution starts long before the investigation begins. Every company and every executive can build the strongest foundation for a successful defense by making sure it is self-governing and transparent.”