Environmental Justice

As Special Counsel to U.S. EPA General Counsel (2015-2017), Stacey gained Title VI and EJ experience including:

  • Coordinating agency response to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights investigation into EPA’s Title VI program.
  • Assisting with the reorganization of the former Office of Civil Rights, now External Civil Rights Compliance Office (ECRCO), which oversees Title VI enforcement for the agency.
  • Advising and supporting agency and Administrator response to the Flint drinking water crisis and related congressional hearings.
  • Coordinating with the Office of Environmental Justice to effectively utilize EJ 2020 and EJ Legal Tools within the Office of General Counsel.

Upon her return to B&D, Stacey has been a key member of the firm’s EJ practice, including:

  • Advising a leading national energy utility to design and implement programs to incorporate EJ considerations in project decision-making.
  • Counseling a large municipality subject to Title VI investigation by EPA and the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • Preparing industry-focused guidance and a 50-state survey on EJ legislation and resources.
  • Coordinating and contributing to ongoing EJ programming and training through her role as Vice Chair of the ABA Special Committee on Environmental Justice, as an active member of the National Bar Association, and through EJ-focused events hosted by the Environmental Law Institute.