ESG & Sustainability

Stacey's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability services include:

  • Counseling a global energy company on overall sustainability strategy and risk management, including: preparing sustainability disclosures (Carbon Disclosure Project, Securities and Exchange Commission, etc.); reviewing green marketing materials for Federal Trade Commission vulnerability; industry-wide benchmarking; and ensuring company-wide continuity for corporate ESG strategy.  
  • Advising an international technology company on a variety of ESG projects, including developing a circular economy strategy; ESG initiative development and corresponding global regulatory risk management; and drafting of non-financial disclosures and green marketing materials.
  • Guiding a leading national energy utility through the design and implementation of programs to incorporate EJ, including through company-wide policy development, project-specific planning, and drafting of voluntary disclosures.

As Special Counsel in EPA’s Office of General Counsel (2015-2017), Stacey’s responsibilities included coordinating nationwide stakeholder engagement and serving as the General Counsel’s principal speechwriter for efforts to advance President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, support international and domestic sustainability initiatives, and further EJ principles.