New Jersey Governor Signs Landmark Environmental Justice Legislation Into Law
EPA Proposes New, More Flexible Clean Water Act Affordability Guidance for Public Utilities
NGOs Seek Court Order Compelling EPA to Respond to Petition for Emergency Rule on COVID-19 Enforcement Discretion
New York Approves $3 Billion 2020 Conservation Bond Act
Washington Gov. Inslee Issues “Stay-At-Home” Order to Combat Coronavirus
Proposed Changes to Effluent Limit Guidelines for Steam Electric Power Generating Facilities
EPA Proposes Big Changes to the EAB Permit Appeals Process
Justices Wrestle with Scope of the CWA’s Permitting Requirement
Who Gets to Decide What an Agency Meant? U.S. Supreme Court Places Limits on Agency Deference
States Draft Legislation Following EPA's PFAS Action Plan
Supreme Court to Decide Whether “Indirect” Discharges Require NPDES Permits
West Coast 'Super Tort' PCB Suits Have Staying Power
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Natural Resource Damages: A New Approach To PCB Litigation
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