Beveridge & Diamond

Real Estate

Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. has considerable national experience in matters that involve the intersection of real estate, land use, environmental law, and litigation. Having worked on a wide spectrum of sophisticated real estate projects across the United States, we have extensive skills that can be applied to a wide array of projects. Our work has addressed the leasing, subleasing, purchase and sale, ground leasing, development, management, and construction of warehouse, manufacturing, and other industrial properties, office buildings, shopping centers, special purpose facilities, planned use communities, and public-private mixed use projects.  Consequently, we have significant experience in a large variety of real estate transactions such as design and construction contracts involving governmental incentives; handling project permitting and siting; and, drafting agreements for contaminated property cleanup and redevelopment of underutilized brownfields (for which we have been nationally recognized). 

Our clients include owners, tenants, and other end-users, investors and lenders, developers, municipalities and quasi-governmental instrumentalities, contractors, and environmental engineers. We also regularly counsel our clients as to the federal, state and local laws and regulations governing real estate development and use, with an emphasis on risk management and litigation avoidance.

Our real estate team offers pragmatic, responsive, and dedicated advice to our clients in all aspects of the leasing, acquisition, sale, development, financing, and management of their buildings, land, and other property interests.

We have extensive experience in the area of land conservation. Our team represents conservation trusts dedicated to protecting the wildlife habitat and ecological integrity of our landscape. In these capacities, we have formed strong working relationships with regulating entities to further the shared mission of promoting the welfare of our citizens and our environment.

Beveridge & Diamond has significant experience not only in real estate, but also in real estate-related environmental and litigation matters. As the recognized national leader in the environmental arena, our firm has tremendous experience in ensuring that adequate environmental reviews are completed and in dealing with issues relating to wetlands, hazardous wastes, leaking underground storage tanks, zoning, subdivision and infrastructure requirements. We are familiar with state laws requiring environmental investigation and remediation upon transfer of ownership, such as the New Jersey Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) law. Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating environmentally-related indemnification and liability provisions in purchase and sale agreements, secured loan documents, and leases. As a result, we frequently assist corporations, individuals and other law firms in the preparation and review of environmental provisions in such agreements.

In all that we do, we work with our clients to define and achieve attainable goals in an efficient, practical, and results-oriented manner.