We blend extensive legal experience with a constructive, creative, and collaborative approach to support and enable successful—and sustainable—renewable energy projects.

Why B&D?

Companies face a number of environmental regulatory and transactional hurdles when developing renewable energy projects. We leverage decades of “boots-on-the-ground” environmental experience to help developers, energy companies, manufacturers, and other participants clear these hurdles.

Drawing on our core practice experience in environmental law, including project development and permitting, real estate and land use, sustainability counseling, regulatory advocacy, and where necessary, litigation, we provide effective representation and strategic advice to the renewable energy industry and other project stakeholders. We view renewable energy through the lens of sustainability and environmental responsibility and work to help clients realize these – all while ensuring a successful project, transaction, or regulatory outcome.


Renewable energy projects often implicate environmental issues such as construction and land use impacts, endangered species, stormwater management, hazardous materials, and waste. A myriad of legal issues in siting, permitting, and operational compliance also arises. As a full-service environmental law firm, we are uniquely well-positioned to successfully address environmental issues, develop effective mitigation and permitting strategies, clear key permitting hurdles, and get renewable energy projects built.

Many companies initiate renewable energy projects or transactions as part of a broader focus on sustainability. In these scenarios, being on the right side of environmental laws is especially important. It is equally important to ensure that the project or transaction at hand matches the values of our client. We guide companies through these issues, whether engaging in the renewable energy sector for the first time or as a savvy developer looking to manage impacts and risks associated with renewable energy project development.

We often represent companies, developers, and trade associations who have a stake in the development of regulatory policies affecting renewable energy. Our experience spans a wide range of issues, from federal leasing and rights-of-way to wildlife protection; Renewable Portfolio Standard design, requirements, and eligibility; Renewable Energy Credit availability, caps, and tiers; state and local development incentives or restrictions; and more. We also engage with our clients on vital emerging environmental issues impacting renewable energy, such as solar cell production, battery storage and disposal, and conflict minerals.

We work with regional solar and wind developers, as well as larger national companies who want to develop one or more renewable energy projects. We provide advice on regional and local zoning, siting requirements, and regulatory compliance, and have extensive experience in certain key jurisdictions. We also represent project proponents during litigation seeking to challenge renewable energy projects. 

We advise and represent energy, technology, and retail companies on a number of renewable energy transactional matters, such as negotiating and drafting leases for renewable energy installations, negotiating and drafting ancillary agreements, conducting due diligence for complex sites, and designing appropriate risk mitigation measures.