Beveridge & Diamond delivers compelling value for clients with contentious environmental contracts, warranties, and indemnities. We’re highly experienced commercial litigators with rare environmental, scientific, and regulatory expertise.

Why B&D?

There’s a common misconception about environmental contractual and indemnification matters. Many companies think of them as straightforward commercial issues that happen to have an environmental element—so they tend to hire generalist commercial litigators.

But in a highly specialized area such as environmental, clients greatly benefit from having litigators who know the terrain intimately. That’s what differentiates B&D litigators from our counterparts elsewhere: While we’re seasoned commercial litigators, we also have the environmental, scientific, and regulatory expertise to understand and attack such matters at a higher level. And we’ve done so in virtually every state—both in state courts and nearly all federal circuits and districts.

A keen sense of cost awareness additionally sets us apart from many other firms. Our contract and indemnification litigators aim to save clients time and money by trying to resolve cases at the earliest point consistent with business objectives, and by staffing matters with teams that are lean in headcount but heavy with experience.


While we represent companies in any industry, our clients most frequently are in airlines, chemicals, construction, electronics, energy transmission, petrochemicals, petroleum, railroads, real estate, and technology.


Our practice focuses on two broad types of contract disputes.

The first comprises major corporate transactions involving contract and indemnification issues. We represent companies that buy and sell businesses, whether in mergers and acquisitions or by spinning off units. The parties, for example, may have indemnified each other as part of a transaction but disagree on the allocation of environmental liabilities.

The second type comes up in contracts to buy or sell real estate, where there may be litigation over the scope of indemnification and breach in warranties and representations in warranties that are assumptions of liability in the context of real estate development. These issues can arise with both small and large companies, whether they own businesses or are involved in real estate development.