Beveridge & Diamond offers insurance policyholders greater predictability and claim recovery—even when least expected.

Why B&D?

Our knowledge of insurance coverage and products, as well as considerations unique to our clients’ various industries, enable us to spot problems and provide custom advice. We get to the heart of the matter quickly and identify coverage areas that need attention.

We add value to the insurance coverage equation on the front end by helping clients evaluate insurance programs to maximize coverage and minimize the potential for disputes. On the back end, if a loss or lawsuit occurs, our insurance coverage litigators can help reach an expeditious resolution and recover insurance proceeds for our clients.

Negotiating with insurance companies is rarely straightforward. Policyholders come to us for clarity. We step in, translate the insurer's position, and collaborate with clients to formulate the appropriate response and move negotiations forward or, when necessary, litigate the coverage dispute.

We continue adding value after a dispute, by emphasizing “lessons learned” and crafting new policy and contract language to avoid future litigation and protect our clients going forward.


Our team works exclusively for policyholders in coverage matters. We help corporate, government, and nonprofit entities evaluate their areas of risk and potential liabilities in order to maximize their insurance coverage. We work with our clients and their insurance brokers to secure all available enhancements on the market. Our counsel results in better-suited coverage for entities across the industry spectrum. When coverage disputes arise with insurance companies, we work with our clients to pursue recovery aggressively yet intelligently.

We assist clients nationwide, deploying our network of local counsel relationships when needed and leveraging our numerous relationships with insurance brokers and other professionals.


We advise on a full range of environmental insurance, including coverage under commercial general liability (CGL) policies and specialty pollution policies. And our expertise extends beyond environmental coverage to include matters under directors and officers (D&O), professional liability, employment practices liability, commercial auto, first-party property, and business interruption policies.

We take a holistic view to address coverage needs. As we get to know a company, we look for inter-related issues. For example, when a government agency information request reveals related matters, we have a full complement of lawyers ready to tackle the environmental and insurance issues together and find complementary solutions.

The likelihood of higher and more significant exposures triggered by emerging liability issues is a threat to many industries. The larger the projected liabilities, the more frequently a coverage dispute ensues when a claim is presented to an insurance carrier. Several lawyers on our team are active in leadership positions on American Bar Association committees that focus on insurance industry trends, emerging liabilities, and insurance product development. Our involvement and experience enable us to spot future issues and help clients prepare for and respond to the next wave of insurance coverage challenges.