We use our experience in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution, including in large, complex federal and state litigation, business-to-business disputes, and private arbitration as well as in voluntary and court-imposed mediation to help our clients avoid the risks and expense of litigation and achieve creative, positive results.

Why B&D?

We craft cost-effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) structures that help clients achieve their essential business goals and settle their most pressing problems. We have deep experience in all aspects of ADR including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, both as client advocates and as neutral mediators and arbitrators. Our experience as private mediators and arbitrators gives us a unique perspective on the ADR process. We effectively manage our clients’ complex litigation challenges, reduce our clients’ costs, and procure more favorable and creative outcomes than could ever be achieved through time consuming and expensive adversarial proceedings before courts, juries, or private arbitrators.


ADR is used across the firm’s entire practice to resolve a host of complex issues that arise for our clients in industries which include chemical and pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agriculture, electronics, information and product supply and technology, transportation, waste management, and energy. We work closely with large, multi-company task forces (often comprised of as many as three dozen companies) in these industries that must meet exacting regulatory requirements and that face potential litigation affecting all member companies.


Our goal is to assist our clients in accomplishing their business objectives by avoiding the uncertainty and expense inherent in the litigation process whenever possible by using ADR to our clients’ advantage. Our in-depth understanding of how mediation and arbitration work is a decided advantage for our clients. We have experience in all ADR mechanisms, as well as a clear understanding of arbitrators’ and mediators’ preferences. Our ability to articulate a company’s opportunities in mediation, litigation, or private arbitration ensures that our clients fully explore all their options and maximize their ability to achieve the most positive outcomes available.