We provide answers to significant environmental and regulatory questions in the mining and metals industry that guide critical business decisions—both great and small.

Why B&D?

Projects in the mining and metals industry represent large investments, and even small rule changes and decisions can have a huge impact on companies’ bottom lines. Companies and trade associations in the sector have long turned to Beveridge & Diamond for assistance in responding to the various environmental challenges they face because we have a strong track record of getting beneficial results. From extraction to processing to recycling and disposal, the firm’s cross-cutting offerings are broad and deep. Our capabilities extend to newer industry challenges, such as disposal of metal waste under stricter regulations, emerging cross-sector challenges for recycling, and competition from renewable energy sources.


B&D has long represented the mining and metals industry across the full spectrum of environmental regulatory and litigation issues, including administrative litigation on rulemaking proceedings.  We advise trade associations such as the National Mining Association (NMA) and the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), as well as the largest metal, mining, and waste companies in the United States. From our decades of service to the industry, we understand mining and metals operations from a legal as well as a business perspective, and focus on crafting long-lasting solutions to the problems that our clients face.


We help companies respond to upstream issues such as obtaining and managing the rights to mine on federal lands, environmental permitting for operations, and royalty obligations, as well as downstream matters such as air, water, and waste from processing and smelting operations.