We advise road, rail, aviation, and maritime industry leaders on environmental issues, emerging technologies, regulatory changes, and litigation. 

Why B&D?

B&D helps clients address challenges associated with balancing ever-increasing transportation demands and environmental impacts and regulations, as well as anticipate emerging legal and regulatory issues, such as those associated with autonomous vehicles and connected transportation. We have decades of experience providing strategic counsel to the automotive companies, commercial aviation, freight and passenger railroads, and cruise lines on regulatory compliance, enforcement, transactions, project development, and litigation in all areas of environmental, health, and safety law.

Our work for the transportation industry includes:

  • Environmental regulatory law
  • Compliance counseling and enforcement readiness
  • Safety regulatory law, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Hazardous materials and dangerous goods transport
  • Emergency response
  • Environmental litigation
  • Safety litigation
  • Toxic tort litigation
  • Internal investigations
  • Business crimes defense
  • Federal preemption