Hilary Jacobs to Speak at U.S. WIN's Webinar on Environmental Justice in the Nuclear Industry

Associate Hilary Jacobs (Washington, DC) will speak at U.S. Women In Nuclear (U.S. WIN)'s Outreach webinar titled, "Environmental Justice in the Nuclear Industry." The webinar will discuss how to promote environmental justice within the nuclear industry and ensure that carbon-free energy is equitable across diverse communities.

Clean energy technologies are a key element in combating climate change, and nuclear energy plays a critical role in our path to a carbon-free future. While converting to clean energy to mitigate climate change will have a more equitable impact on communities across the globe, there are other tangible elements of environmental justice that are equally – and often more – important to disadvantaged communities. Members of the nuclear industry are actively working to foster trusting, inclusive relationships with disadvantaged communities and to ensure their values are centered when decisions are made.

For more information and to register, please visit U.S. WIN's website