Decades of experience managing audit and assessment programs coupled with environmental, health and safety expertise make Beveridge & Diamond uniquely qualified to handle a full range of environmental evaluation matters.

Why B&D?

With experience handling hundreds of environmental, health and safety (EHS) audits and compliance assessments, B&D provides clients with laser-focused advice aimed to prevent, detect, and respond to EHS compliance concerns and risks of all severity levels. We give clients confidence that they have the right programs, procedures, and systems in place to meet internal and external regulatory requirements.

The value we offer includes strategic planning before an audit or assessment begins to ensure an appropriate scope and schedule; implementing targeted or full-scale EHS reviews whether conducted internally or with third-party technical consultants; organizing information from an auditor assessment, advising on legal compliance questions, and reporting compliance and risk findings to internal and external audiences; and implementing improved programs and systems to resolve critical issues and prevent their recurrence.


We service companies in many industries including the chemicals, manufacturing, energy, mining, pharmaceutical, retail, and electronics industries. Many of our clients operate in the United States and globally and rely on our advice and assistance to ensure compliance across multiple facilities and countries. While our clients generally have sophisticated and mature EHS programs, the ever-changing regulatory landscape, fast-moving business needs, and increased enforcement risk from governments and citizens drive frequent assessment of EHS programs and systems to ensure they are contemporary and right-sized.

We recognize that each client has unique factors that will influence how an audit or assessment is structured and how concerns are resolved. In any scope of EHS review, we collaborate with our clients to design a process that fits the culture and policies of that organization. This often entails working with internal teams so that institutional changes occur with buy-in at every level. We regularly work with in-house lawyers, executives, business teams, IT, and EHS professionals whose input and decision-making is essential for a successful EHS review outcome.


We focus on listening to and meeting a client’s EHS compliance objectives and business goals. For example, when a client asks us to initiate or lead an environmental assessment, we gather the appropriate information, conduct relevant analysis, and provide individualized insights that unify our client’s goals with the applicable regulatory requirements.

In comprehensive EHS evaluation efforts, our team can help evaluate compliance and risk at multiple facilities and review regulatory and compliance assessments in multiple countries, ultimately developing a comprehensive understanding of our client’s global operations that have EHS compliance impacts. We are capable both of evaluating and providing detailed findings and recommendations as well as providing high-level strategic advice to help fashion appropriate go-forward approaches.

Sometimes EHS audits or assessments are in response to a government or citizen investigation or enforcement action. Our firm’s experienced EHS subject matter experts and skilled litigators collaborate to defend against a variety of claims and threats, including civil enforcement actions, toxic tort, or class action litigation, and criminal investigations and prosecutions. In many cases, we have aggressively worked to successfully limit or end these types of investigations and enforcement actions while also helping clients improve their EHS programs to reduce their risk profile.

Whether implementing a comprehensive internal investigation or conducting a targeted compliance review, our team customizes its approach to the subtleties of each client’s situation and industry-specific regulatory requirements and risks. Our focus is to minimize the impact these matters can have on day-to-day operations while providing a blueprint for integrating sustainable changes.