Beveridge & Diamond blends legal and technical expertise to provide clients with in-depth coverage of OSHA rulemaking, enforcement, and compliance issues.

Why B&D?

Our lawyers, including former in-house environmental health and safety (EHS) counsel at multinational corporations, have decades of experience working with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Armed with legal, health and safety, and business acumen, we know how to balance commercial goals against an OSHA question or problem—no matter how big or small.

We are that rare law firm that covers every environmental area that touches OSHA requirements. EHS leaders have seamless access to a plethora of perspectives, a diverse knowledge-base, and talented problem solvers and litigators if needed.

While seemingly straightforward, federal or state OSHA obligations can get complicated, quickly. We help companies dig into the specifics of how operations might affect workers, how best to comply with standards and recordkeeping, and how to respond to OSHA enforcement—from administrative investigations and whistleblower actions to toxic tort and class action defense in a full range of EHS non-compliance allegations.

With nation-wide experience in a variety of industries and settings, we know what works when dealing with OSHA, and we know what doesn’t work. This familiarity gives our clients a powerful advantage both in avoiding compliance issues and successfully transacting with enforcement agencies when questions arise. Given the priority now placed upon the investigation and prosecution of OSHA citations by the federal government, companies cannot afford to be under-prepared.


The fact the federal and state OSHA requirements apply across the entirety of B&D’s environmental practice means that our team works with clients in a wide variety of industries. These include, among others, manufacturing businesses in the chemical, petrochemical, transportation, and electrical equipment industries. On the service side, we work with the food distribution, construction, technology, and entertainment industries and more.


We represent clients on a wide range of worker safety issues, addressing the real world problems that companies face under federal and state OSHA regulations, such as occupational health, personal safety, and process safety, as well as injury and illness recordkeeping, records access, and other requirements.

Specifically, our team deals with occupational safety standards such as:

  • Lockout/tagout.
  • Fall protection.
  • Permit-required confined spaces.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Electrical safety.

We also advise on occupational health issues including:

  • Medical surveillance and medical removal.
  • Industrial hygiene, including respiratory protection.
  • Occupational exposure limits.
  • Engineering controls.
  • Hazard communication, including the Globally Harmonized System.

We have served as defense counsel in numerous fatality cases, which involved OSHA standards on permit-required confined spaces, cranes, electrical safety, fall protection, fire protection, general safety, health requirements, and hazard communication. We have also acted as defense counsel in non-fatality cases involving hazard communication, machine guarding, maritime standards, and process safety management (PSM) among other topics. Our process safety advice has addressed OSHA’s PSM standard, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Risk Management Program, and the Department of Homeland Security’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Facility Standards.

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