Environmental law in Latin America is evolving at a rapid pace.

Progressive new environmental measures are proposed at the legislative and administrative levels nearly every day, public demand for meaningful and improved environmental policy is high, and enforcement of existing environmental laws at both the civil and criminal levels is increasingly aggressive. Beveridge & Diamond maintains this resource center to house the materials we have developed to help our clients stay educated on and adapt to these important changes.

As part of our International Environmental Law practice, we help multinational clients navigate dynamic and unprecedented change in Latin American environmental law. The lawyers in our Latin American practice counsel clients across industrial sectors on a range of issues arising under the domestic environmental regulations of most Latin American countries with emphasis in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru. Our core Latin American practitioners are fluent in either Portuguese or Spanish; have studied, lived or worked in the field of environmental law in Latin America; and have written articles or co-authored treatises relating to Latin American environmental law.