John Cruden Speaking in ELI Webinar on Impact of Justice Kennedy's Retirement

Principal John Cruden (Washington, DC) will speak in a webinar hosted by the Environmental Law Institute (ELI). The webinar is titled "The Impact of Justice Kennedy on Constitutional Environmental Law and the Effect of His Impending Retirement" and will take place from 11:00am to 12:30pm (EDT) on July 11.

The webinar will discuss Justice Kennedy's announcement of his upcoming retirement at the end of this month from the Supreme Court and the potential impacts it may have on the field of environmental law for years to come. The Supreme Court's docket for 2019 includes cases involving many environmental issues in which Kennedy's replacement will play a key role. Justice Kennedy has become a crucial swing vote over the course of his career, a notable example being the 2007 case Massachusetts v. EPA in which his vote led the Court to find that Massachusetts had standing to sue the EPA over non-enforcement of the Clean Air Act and that climate change causing greenhouse gases could be a regulated category under the act.

John and the other panelists will explore the influence Justice Kennedy has had on environmental law and the impact his departure could have on the future of environmental policy. If a nominee for the Court is announced by the webinar, the panelists will also give their brief initial take.

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