B&D Chairman Ben Wilson Shares Perspective on Corporate Environmental Monitors in Law360


On February 25, in an article titled "How Corporate Monitorships Can Be Feathers In Firms' Caps", Law360 quoted Ben Wilson, among several other attorneys, regarding the role monitorships can play in corporate compliance and opportunities monitorships offer firms.  Wilson, supported by B&D teams, served as Court-Appointed Monitor in the Duke Energy coal ash proceeding, and as Deputy Monitor-Emissions & Environmental in the Volkswagen “Dieselgate” proceeding.

Noting that a company should not "waste a crisis", Ben discussed how clients can use monitorships as an opportunity for growth and improvement, and how best to handle the challenges they pose.

From the monitor’s firm’s perspective, "Monitorships allow one to demonstrate the depth and breadth of a firm's practice. When one has been a monitor, others perceive the monitor and the firm as the 'go to' firm in environmental law,” Ben commented. “Serving as a monitor provides an opportunity to show the difference our firm and its people can make."

"No one person has all the experience alone," Ben said, emphasizing the collaborative nature of monitorships. "Hopefully you are part of a team within your firm, or even in partnership with other firms, that together can make a strong presentation. The whole idea is to have in depth knowledge in that particular case of any and all environmental issues that a company might face."

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