John Cruden Quoted in IBA Global Insight on President Biden's First 100 Days

International Bar Association Global Insight

Principal John Cruden (Washington, DC) was quoted in a March 22 article in the International Bar Association's journal Global Insight, Reset or revolution: Biden’s first 100 days. The article, in which John is quoted alongside other attorneys, examines the changes the Biden administration has made in its early days, and whether these changes can be understood merely as attempts to undo the previous administration's work or as a more ambitious attempt to "build back better".

John, who formerly served as Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice's Environment and Natural Resources Division, noted that Biden's recent executive orders, focused largely on climate change, are a start to the administration's policies. John frames the orders as memos that map out the administration's future plans, which must "be converted to real, substantive action, such as precise regulations, following notice and comment procedures, international commitments, and real, substantive changes leading to a significant reduction in greenhouse gases".

"Even the appointments at agency levels, such as Ann Carlson as Chief Counsel of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, puts a climate expert in a key position," he notes. "People are policy, and these people are extraordinary."

"The Biden climate platform is far broader than anything we have seen before and will impact and join virtually every federal agency in the endeavour," he concludes. 

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