Rob Brager Quoted in ThinkProgress on the Future of States’ Implementation of the Clean Power Plan

Principal Rob Brager (Baltimore) was quoted in a January 2 article in ThinkProgress titled “What Are States Going To Do Now That The Supreme Court Has Weighed In On Obama’s Climate Plan?” The article discusses the likelihood of states to move forward with developing compliance plans to meet requirements imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan following the Supreme Court’s issuance of a stay delaying the deadline for compliance.

Rob said, “The states don’t have to move ahead if they don’t want to. That’s the bottom line from the Supreme Court order.” He went to say that, for some states, the Clean Power Plan was the only guideline for legally restricting carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. “There is nothing to stop them from creating a plan, but the plan will have no force. And, quite frankly, they are busy. It would be very unusual for a state agency to continue in the face of the Supreme Court’s stay.”

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