B&D Lawyers Author Chapter on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The International Bar Association recently released the latest edition of its governing text, Corporate Social Responsibility – Sustainable Business: Environmental, Social and Governance Frameworks for the 21st Century, on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable business, which explores the origins of and road ahead for this rapidly evolving field. This edition, edited by Roger Martella (General Counsel – Environment, Health and Safety Operations, General Electric) and Rae Lindsay (Partner, Clifford Chance), provides a comprehensive, up-to-date reference tool for global business executives, in-house legal counsel, private practitioners, and government officials. Beveridge & Diamond associate Dacie Meng (Washington, DC) and Beveridge & Diamond consultant Stacey Sublett Halliday (Washington, DC) authored the chapter that focuses on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their global application.

In chapter 16, titled "The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: A Bold Effort to Achieve Transformative Global Change in an Ever-Evolving World," Stacey and Dacie provide practitioners with a helpful and thorough review of the SDGs, defining the seventeen ambitious goals and the historical roots that led to their creation. In exploring the definition and intent of the individual SDGs, they also highlight demonstrative case studies of private and public sector actors who have put the concepts into concrete practice. The chapter further explores the ways in which global stakeholders (including the UN, UN member nations, NGOs, non-profits, and global organizations) measure progress towards the SDG implementation target year of 2030 and the enormous role that private sector leadership has to play in achieving those goals.

Stacey has advised companies on sustainability and CSR throughout her legal career, including as a former principal at Beveridge & Diamond and as Special Counsel at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Dacie has a dynamic CSR practice involving circular economy, sustainability, and extended producer responsibility initiatives.

The text is available here.

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